May 3, 2020
Brutalisme Céleste May-July 2020
May 14, 2020
SPRING, a virtual exhibition
May 2020
Léa Mestres, Valeria Nascimento, Sumphat, William Coggin, Saraï Delfendahl, Jean Grisoni, Célia Bertrand, Elisa Zaninoni, Avelina Fuentes, Nadège Mouyssinat, Laurence Bonnel.
A spring in brackets...

This exhibition has been imagined as 4 landscapes.

The works are inspired by nature and breathe a certain lightness to let us imagine this spring budding.

They touch us emotionally, encouraging us to reflect on the beauty of nature, such as the tryptic by Valeria Nascimento, the Round solar lamp, the plant sculpture lamps by Célia Bertrand...

Other works offer us an offbeat look, such as the porcelain sculpture by Nadège Mouyssinat, the mirror by Jean Grisoni, or the table by Avelina Fuentes.

It is about a temporality apart, a contemplation, to join the universal rhythm.