L’Echelle d’un Monde Exhibition
May 3, 2020
Design Miami
May 3, 2020
Juju Wang’s Exhibition
October 17 to December 22, 2019
What we are, what makes us special, what makes us unique entities, how we have built our personality traits and how society and environment has shaped our way of seeing and interacting with the surrounding context, what history has thought us, and how our biological needs had sculptured us, represented the sheet of white paper upon which the selected works aims to find answers.

The collection embodies introspection through a self-discovery journey that started after returning in China. Living in the United States since childhood, a dialogue with western culture has evolved and shaped how the artist communicated with the world. However, after arriving in China, there was a rather new and mysterious vocabulary, born out of local traditions, handicrafts and places that even though they were unknown arouse a sense of familiarity and comfort, like an undiscovered childhood.

In a collision between east and west cultures, the exhibition found answers by going back, back to where all started, to the deepest biological roots, to home and infancy, to tradition and historical background, to basic human emotions and needs, using layering of self to unleash a visual composition. Layers represent not only a series of events, ideas and beliefs, but a hole can offer a complete image of the phenomenon.

The stories are composed using reinterpretations of traditional Chinese techniques dating back thousands of years like embroidery, golden foil, Chinese silk, dai paper introduced to the public with a contemporary touch that arose from the couture shows, latest technology and materials of the western culture.

Juju Wang regularly exhibits in museums in China such as Shanghai Big World Exhibition, Chongqing Luozhongli Museum, Shanghai, Duoyunxuan art museum Chengdu Taiguli...

She was named Best Designer of the Year 2019 by Swarosvki and exhibited a crystal installation in this context at Design Miami Basel 2019.

Back to the origins is his first exhibition in France.